Jute is a rainy season crop, growing best in warm, humid climates. Almost 85% of the world's jute cultivation is concentrated in The Ganges delta. This fertile geographic region is shared by both Bangladesh and India (West Bengal). China also has a dominating place in jute cultivation. In small scale, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Pakistan, and Bhutan also cultivates jute.

To grow jute, farmers scatter the seeds on cultivated soil. When the plants are about 15-20 cm tall, they are thinned out. About four months after planting, harvesting begins. The plants are usually harvested after they flower, but before the flowers go to seed. The stalks are cut off close to the ground. The stalks are tied into bundles and retted (soaked) in water for about 20 days. This process softens the tissues and permits the fibres to be separated. The fibres are then stripped from the stalks in long strands and washed in clear, running water. Then they are hung up or spread on thatched roofs to dry. After 2-3 days of drying, the fibres are tied into bundles.


The basic concept of our business is to provide a vast range of eco-friendly bags for multiple usages. Our wide array of products includes Jute Bags, Cotton Bags/ Canvas Bags, Jute Fabric, Cotton T-Shirts & many more gift and promotional products. These products can be custom designed to suit your specific requirements in any shape, size & color. Having experience of more than one decade in this particular field  Salient Features:

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About Jute

"At a time when  excessive use of non-biodegradable synthetic material is causing concern all over the world there is a need to promote jute as an alternative which is environment friendly, biodegradable and a renewable resource."

Jute is an agro based natural fiber. It is often called  the golden fiber. By nature jute is bio-degradable and for nature it is Eco-friendly Jute fibre can be woven in fabric and in the basic raw material for jute bags.

Bags made from jute fabrics have the advantage of good look, strength and reusability.

About Jute/ Cotton/ Canvas Bags

Bags from jute and cotton fabric have the advantage of good looks, strength and reusability. They can carry a handsome load and it has usage for a longer period of time. Most of our bags have strong Promotional value. They can be used to promote events, campaign and exhibitions. These bags are customer oriented and image building device. Our Shopping Bags, Wine Bags, Promotional Bags, Fancy Bags are ideal for Retail shops, Showrooms, Chain Stores and Departmental Stores. Our occasion bags range are very unique for the Christmas gift, birthday gifts and many other festivals and occasions.

Our bulk packaging are ideal for the packing for the coffee beans, rice, spices, food grains, etc.